An magnified view of a Coronavirus cell

As LMU continues to monitor the worldwide spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), this website contains the latest information about our responsive actions, guidance, and resources.

日本av网站-一日本道在线不卡视频-日本毛片18禁免费-骚虎The university aligns decisions with guidance from public health officials, including the , the , and the .

日本av网站-一日本道在线不卡视频-日本毛片18禁免费-骚虎The following information is provided to keep you informed of developments worldwide with breaking news, preventative tips to stay healthy, updates on travel advisories, LMU scheduling changes, and community initiatives, including how you can help our students.

This website will be updated regularly as more information is made available.

Questions? Please submit them here. Want to support our students? Learn about the Lion Emergency Fund.

Need to Know

Campus Closure Advisory: In adherence with CDC and LA County Department of Public Health guidelines, campus access is restricted to resident students and essential personnel onlyIf you require building access, click here.


Schedules, Closures & Event Changes

LMU Study Abroad Programs日本av网站-一日本道在线不卡视频-日本毛片18禁免费-骚虎 (Summer 2020)

New Zealand Study Abroad Program (Spring 2020) 

South Africa Study Abroad Program日本av网站-一日本道在线不卡视频-日本毛片18禁免费-骚虎 (Spring 2020)

London Study Abroad Program (03.13.20)

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News of Note






Additional Resources

Centers for Disease Control

Major News Outlets


Other Public Health


Staying Healthy Videos

CDC Hand washing video

What You Need To Know About Handwashing

World Health Organization Coronavirus video

5 Things to Know About COVID-19